Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Slab poured - 08/07/2014

Hi !
On Tuesday 08/07/2014, our slab is poured and we are so very much excited. We went to see the site in the afternoon and it looks perfect to me. Previously me and my wife were not sure if the foundation was on right place as we thought we will have less space at the side of the house than what was on drawing but now we can see exact setbacks all the sides as per plan..very happy. We have not hired any inspector for slab or in that matter at all but now we are thinking to hire one for later stages. We asked for some quotes and got some reccommendations as well. We are waiting for the good offer. Frame should start in 2 days time as per site supervisor and roof should be installed in 1 month time. Stay tuned for photo albums..

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