Friday, 22 November 2013


Hi !

This is my very first post and infact first time blogging as well.

Me and my wife bought a land in Williams Landing 4 Months ago. We been through all builders and liked 2 out of all. Henley and Boutique homes. Finally we decided to go with Henley homes.

The design we liked is Lexington Lux Q2. We paid our initial deposit to book promotion at that time. We recently paid our second deposit to send our file to head office and start admin stuff.

Our land will be titled in Feb 2014, hence we wanted to sign the building contract before atleast mid january to apply for home and land finance together. So we requested our builder to put us in priority for that to happen.

Today we received a call from admin staff from head office and tried to book us in december 13 for full day. Tender in the morning and contract signing in afternoon. Yeah you heard it right. I told her not to take advantage of my urgent situation and mentioned that i need some time to review contract before signing so can not sign the contract on the same day of tender signing. She hasnt even booked us for colour appoint yet. Lol.

So, we are waiting now for her to call us and book us for colour appointment soon. I hope it be soon.

Land contract signed 11/07/2013
House design: Lexington Lux Q2 (Henley Homes)

Upgrades so far:
  • Brick above windows
  • 600 mm Eves throughout
  • Granview Facade
  • Heating option upgrade. (zone controller and additional zone motor to control living zone)
  • Big window (3 awning panels) in Living instead of 2 distant small windows for more sun light
  • Ensuit cavity door
  • Increased size of Bed 2 and laundry room bit smaller
  • Sarking to roof. We will have metal roof for free...yeay..
  • Additional whirly bird
  • Relocate Manhole to Garage
  • Additional plaster walls and door jamb to study for future door installation
  • Removed door from Theater. We want Study and Theater room door to be similar in future
  • 2 shower niches
  • Increased shower head hight
  • Wider door jamb to Alfresco door for future security screen installation
  • Privacy lock to Powder room
  • Rangehood duct vent through roof, outside in air
  • Increased depth of front porch by a meter to make it look like verandah.
  • Supreme electrical pack
  • Provide internal switchboard inside Garage
  • Additional garden tap
  • Provision for future air conditioner installation

Things we will do ourselves:
  • Driveway (As per estate guidelines)
  • Flooring (Porceline or Bamboo and Smart Strend carpet)
  • Air conditioners

I hope this is enough for first time

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